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ZENITH Brings Watchmaking Innovation to VIVA Technology 2019

May 16th to 18th is when the 2019 VIVA Technology fair will take place, a unique exhibition in Paris that brings together startups from all over the world. Visitors will be attending to discover the latest technological developments from startup technologies spanning different sectors, as well as speakers from some of the most prominent tech companies around. On this occasion, LVMH, Zenith’s parent company, is a main sponsor of VIVA Technology, and offers a platform for startups to showcase their developments and international solutions within its booth.

Zenith will be present at the LVMH stand, where it will showcase its latest groundbreaking innovation, the DEFY Inventor. Comprising one of the greatest watchmaking developments ever, the DEFY Inventor’s next-gen high-frequency oscillator redefines the standards of precision in mechanical watches.

The DEFY Inventor and its cutting-edge oscillator will appear on a special stand topped by a HYPERVSN holographic display system, offering visitors an immersive visual experience of the micro-mechanical innovation. This innovative and captivating technology is provided by ORBIS, a French startup supported by LVMH that has been leading the way in consumer-oriented holographic systems.

Visitors will be able to admire the watch’s unique attributes in virtual wrist-worn mode. With nothing more than a wristband and a smartphone, visitors can try on the DEFY Inventor in all its high-frequency, three-dimensional splendor. By launching the augmented reality experience and strapping on the dedicated wristband, the DEFY Inventor will appear on the wearer’s wrist in strikingly realistic detail, with the ability to move around and enjoy the watch from any first-person angle while capturing photos of the experience. At the end of the trial, the user has the option of saving the images of the virtual watch and sharing them directly on social media. By embracing new technologies and understanding evolving consumer behaviors, Zenith explores new avenues to reach and interact with the pioneers of tomorrow.

Zenith CEO Julien Tornare is at the helm of a watch brand that has strived for innovation since 1865. During his discourse at VIVA Technology 2019, he will recount what perpetual product innovation means in an ancestral industry, as well as the impact that passion from individuals within a company can have on innovation. While it is a brand within a group, Zenith still embodies the startup spirit, which has allowed it to continuously innovate and break barriers in precision timekeeping. Beyond just products, Tornare will highlight the importance of innovating client experiences through immersive technology such as augmented reality.

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