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MB&F + L’Epée: Jurassic art for our 11th collaboration

At the beginning of July, we unveiled a Piece Unique called ‘Tom & T-Rex’: our donation to the famous biennial ‘Only Watch’ auction. As explained at the time, it was the first example of a new series of clocks called ‘T-Rex’, which launches today!

T-Rex is the eleventh co-creation with our trusted partners and expert clockmakers L’Epée 1839, who master the engineering and peerless manufacturing. To create the piece, our own creative director Max Büsser worked with another Max, namely designer Maximilian Maertens – who modelled the clock’s legs from actual Tyrannosaurus Rex bones! Standing about 30cm tall, this unconventional machine is crafted from more than 200 finely finished components of palladium-plated brass and bronze, stainless steel… and glass! But not just any glass: hand-blown artisanal glass from the island of Murano, near Venice. The deep blue, red or green material graces the dial, which displays the time thanks to two slim arched hands.

Behind the dial and suspended in an open sphere between the dinosaur’s two legs, L’Epée’s in-house eight-day power reserve movement forms the pulsating heart of this new mechanical creature.

T-Rex comes in three limited editions of 100 pieces each in deep blue, green or red.
Retail price is CHF 22’500 + VAT.

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