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The godfather of UFC Conor McGregor wears the Jacob & Co Godfather timepiece

Yesterday in New Yok City, Conor McGregor, former UFC champion, attended the premiere of “Road House” remake, wearing the famous Opera Godfather timepiece by Jacob & Co., highlighting his unique style.
This particular model, inspired by the first movie seen by Jacob Arabo upon his arrival in the U.S., embodies a piece of art with a personal backstory. “When I first came to the USA from Uzbekistan in 1979, I was 14 years old, didn’t speak the language and my family didn’t have a penny to its name, says Jacob Arabo. It took me two years to earn the time and money to go to the movies. The Godfather was being released again; it was the first movie I saw in a theater.”
Limited to 88 pieces, this iconic timepiece features a design inspired by “The Godfather,” integrating intricate details such as a miniature of Don Vito Corleone wearing a red rose on his lapel. It’s one of the key symbols of the character, and this is the way he is being depicted, as a three-dimensional figurine, sitting in the center of it all.
When activated, the music box begins playing its tune, causing the movement components to rotate together around a central axis. This includes the tourbillon and the cylinders, as well as the central miniature and other visible parts, like the dial for hours and minutes, which rotates in the opposite direction to stay upright as the rest of the mechanism moves.
The timepiece stands out with a triple-axis tourbillon, enhancing its unique nature and showcasing McGregor’s affinity for luxury watches.
Ref: OP110.21.AG.AB.A
Price: USD  364’000
Limited edition: 88 pieces

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