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The Best Jewelry Moments From The 78th Annual Golden Globes

There were a lot of questions about how the 78th annual Golden Globes would play out as a virtual ceremony, but whether or not the jewelry would be fabulous was not one of them. After all, a computer screen is essentially a frame, and the actors delivered with fantastic earrings, necklaces, brooches, and headpieces. Traditionally, the Golden Globes, hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), is held in early January, but this year, it was on February 28. Not only were we ready to applaud all of the movies and films that have kept us entertained (and relatively sane) during the pandemic, but celebrities were ready to dress up and party. The jewelry houses were more than ready to step up and bedeck the stars in fantastic jewels, even with the additional complications that Covid-19 presented, from shipping jewelry to other countries (as actors were scattered across the world) to working under tight deadlines. “We are just so excited to wake up from our slumber and celebrate with great, classic jewelry,” says Rebecca Selva of Fred Leighton jewels, who dressed Elle Fanning in diamond tassel earrings and vintage Art Deco rings. The Golden Globes has always been the more light-hearted awards show of the season, a chance to experiment and show off. And the celebrities did not disappoint. From Anya Taylor-Joy in Tiffany & Co., to Julia Garner in Verdura and Viola Davis in Pomellato, the jewelry was as stunning as ever. Below, our favorite jewelry moments from the Golden Globes 2021.

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