In the ring and in life, Estelle Mossely is a professional boxer whose passion and energy set her apart. Her extraordinary career is a role model for all female athletes. A multi-champion, she has simultaneously taken on the role of mother and preparation for new horizons. Deconstructing prejudices is also her motto. With such a variety of values, it is obvious that some things need to change, and Hublot is very proud to welcome Estelle Mossely to its family.

An athlete with a string of impressive accolades, Estelle Mossely has been acclaimed on numerous occasions: multi French champion, European runner-up (2014), world champion (2016), Olympic champion (2016) and International Boxing Organization world champion (2019-2023). She does not stop collecting feats. On August 19, 2016 in Rio, Estelle Mossely became the first French boxer to win an Olympic title since the introduction of women’s competitions in 2012. That same year, she became World Champion in Astana, also a first for France. «If I have one piece of advice to give, it’s to believe in yourself and work hard. One day, even the biggest dreams come true», she says. After these medals, she went on to a professional career in which she had 11 wins and one draw in 12 fights.

A woman’s life flourishes in other areas as well, and nothing is impossible for Estelle Mossely. During these years of professional boxing, she gave birth to her two children. Today she associates them with her efforts, her training, her competitions, with the life of a high-level athlete who aspires to gold. Estelle had practiced ballet and ice skating, but what attracted her was boxing, which at the time was mostly male. In 2010, she was a senior in high school when she joined the French team. Then, when she dedicated herself to training every day in parallel with her engineering studies, from which she graduated, her goal was to become an Olympic champion.

With her fighting spirit, Estelle Mossely will stop at nothing, not even to return to Olympic boxing, where the number of rounds per bout implies quick and decisive punches, and therefore specific training. Contrary to all preconceived ideas, she founded her association LPERF to support high-level sportswomen in managing their careers, to deal with the difficulties she herself has encountered and to promote sport among the youngest. Encouraged by her experience, she works to support, transmit and promote women’s performance, and Hublot is proud to be at her side.

“What more can be said… The Hublot family brings together unique personalities who break free from conventionality to express themselves better, in a constant quest for excellence. We are delighted that Estelle Mossely, a modern icon of female empowerment and a living passion for boxing, is joining us.”


“Among the great watchmakers, Hublot is a young company that has made a name for itself by combining materials that were not previously contemplated together. Its approach has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the future of watchmaking. It is also mine. I chose to be a boxer when it was rarely a women’s sport, I reconciled my life as a woman and an athlete and founded LPERF so that women could be free to excel. I am thrilled to join this exceptional family.”


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